Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 67 and 68 Green Sports and Making Do

I'm fascinated with roller derby. Maybe it's the fierce beauty of these women, maybe it's the punk aesthetic, or maybe its because it is everything that I am not, but wonder if I could be. In any case, yesterday I went to my first bout. It was raucous, friendly, violent (a girl broke her jaw), and it was surprisingly green.

It was held in an old air hanger that had skylights, so aside from the electricity that was used to run the sound system, there was no power used. No overhead lighting, no electronic scoreboard (they use white boards and dry erase markers), and they skate on a flat, concrete oval that has been made on the floor using a taped down rubber hose to indicate borders. Yes, bottled water abounded, but many participants were sporting their own water bottles, and some brought their own sliced fruits and vegetables from home to snack on at intermission. The spectators sat on metal bleachers, or on personal lawn chairs, and the skaters (and some of the referees) make their own outfits, cobbled together with various articles of clothing and accessories. Fascinating!

Time will tell if I have the guts to get into this. They have a training program, aptly titled 'fresh meat' that starts in November.

One of my latest issues has been that, while I love riding my bicycle, I don't own a messenger-style bag that I can wear across my body to store things like my wallet and phone in while I ride. A shoulder purse does not work, so I end up wearing my huge backpack when really all I have to carry are a few things.

So, instead of going out, spending money and buying a bag (how I dearly love shopping when I need something), I made a bag, out of fabric and supplies that I already owned. I didn't even buy new fabric (which is SO HARD). I made do.


Chile said...

Roller derby would scare me too much, especially since I'm naturally rather clumsy. Sounds like a fascinating set-up, though.

Congrats on sewing yourself a bag. My first instinct is to hit the thrift stores.

Robj98168 said...

LOL Here goes Red Hot Chile around the blonde bomber and here comes The Green penguin Hornet around the bend to pass the pack.LOL

Eliza said...

Wow, that's awesome that you made a bag! Way to go!
My boyfriend and I are doing the same project (365 green changes). We started in in June and today is our 100th post! I found you through Green as a Thistle (wasn't the book fantastic?!). I can relate to your experience and it's great to read about someone embracing the same challenge.
I also read your psot about the Diva Cup. I am buying one soon to use in a couple weeks and I am so excited. Thanks for some reassurance!
Keep it up, we can do it!
By the way, you can check out my blog at

Tony R. said...

You should totally do it! I wish we had teams here in Reno

Heather said...

There is roller derby in Reno! Reno Roller Girls. There are over 300 leagues in the US.

You should absolutely do it. Roller derby will change your life, I promise. Roller Derby saved my soul.