Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 64 No more giftcards unless they are homemade

I'm the sort of person who gives a lot of thought to upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and reasons to celebrate. I never forget these events, and I always make sure to get my Hallmark greeting in the mail on time to reach the recipient before the event.

Have you LOOKED at the price of greeting cards lately? Holy crap! $6! For a piece of paper with a picture and a lame verse, sold with an over sized envelope that requires additional postage! People, and I'm not naming names here (*cough my parents cough*) haven't embraced the notion of e-greetings. They miss the tradition of receiving something in the mail that they can display on the piano. A piece of paper they have to print themselves from their email just doesn't cut it. Not to mention that my mother has saved every card she's ever received, since before she and my father got married, 36 years ago.

Well hell, from now on, I'm making my own greeting cards. I'm artistic, I'm creative and I'm poetic. On occasions, I can even be funny. Take that, Shoebox Greetings.


Robj98168 said...

Roses' are Red,
Violets are blue
I made this here card
to give to you!

LOL Great post!

Q said...

The BIG plus side to this is that handmade cards automatically make you look like 962 times more thoughtful.

DiElla said...

One of my pet peeves are greeting cards. They are ridiculously expensive and somewhat predictable. Last year for my Mom,s birthday I got the watercolors out and made her a card and wrote her an ode to Mom. She showed all her friends and carried on about that card for ages. Today is her birthday and now I need to top last years so I had better get busy.

Lisa Sharp said...

I make my own. It's fun. I use some new paper but mostly recycled and I reuse things I find all the time.