Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 60 "There's a cauliflower on your back"

First, I must state that today's green change is to switch to biodegradable garbage bags. These bags are made by Munger Nature company, based in Quebec (yay for made in Canada products!). They will biodegrade in about 12 months, based on exposure conditions. Good stuff, and an easy change.

Now, for the hard stuff.

You know that pretty new bicycle I got a few days ago? Today's bright idea was to ride it to the grocery store, to purchase food for Meghan's 5 Day Vegan Challenge, which starts on Tuesday. Getting to the store was a piece of cake. I live about 1 kilometer away from Loblaws, I live on the same street, and the street is relatively flat. I brought my backpack, as the wire baskets I have ordered to mount on my bike's back rack haven't arrived yet. I also brought the cloth drawstring bags that I use when buying produce and bulk items, so that no more plastic bags come into my house. I knew I wouldn't be able to buy all the food needed for 5 days of vegan goodness, but I figured I could at least buy the foods necessary for the first day, along with the muffin tin I'd need to make the apple cinnamon muffins. Easy, right?


Getting everything I needed wasn't hard. If Loblaws sells sorghum and guar gum, I couldn't find it, and neither could anyone I asked for help. The hard part came when I tried to fit all of my purchases into my backpack after paying for them. And it didn't happen.

You know, if I had my Harley, instead of my bike, this would have been no problem. But I have to say, owning a motorcycle and taking long trips on it has not only taught me how to pack light and pack well, but how to tie things down in a pinch.

I give you exhibit A. This is how I got my apples, walnuts and kale home. Those drawstrings really came in handy. PS - I installed that back rack yesterday all my myself, and I am mighty proud of that.

Here is my backpack. Yes, that is a cauliflower. A fellow biker passed me on my way home and told me I had a cauliflower on my back. As if I didn't know. Stuffed to the gills and exceedingly hard on the body, this bag weighs in at 34 lbs.

Here is a side view of the backpack. It stuck out exceedingly far from my back, but I had to keep it up and not let it rest, lest I squish the apples and kale. Yup, that's a jar of apple sauce on the side.

I'm home now (obviously) and ready for a cool shower. I can't wait until my wire baskets come. I'm going to use a non-vinyl material (think Ikea shower curtain) to make drawstring liners for the wire baskets. That way, I can put my purchases in the liners and pull them closed to protect them from the weather. And oh, they will look super cute and match the bike, because I'm a dork like that.


KC said...

Hi there.

I just started following your blog recently and am really enjoying your writing. I like your idea of making a change a day - I can imagine it's pretty hard sometimes (especially the one about stairs!).

I have to admit I was giggling reading this post. It's amazing what we put ourselves through sometimes?!?! But, good on you for managing to get your purchases safely home.

Kiwi Chick

Robj98168 said...

LOL Dork! Nothing wrong with wanting your liners to match your bike I keep a red folding chair in the MG because the MG is Red and a Blue on in the Valiant beccause it is Blue.

DiElla said...

I remember when I first started going to the farmers market and work with a backpack. I had been riding for fun for several years and had not ever ridden with anything on my back. It was a real adjustment. I probably have never had as much in my backpack as you had- I also was giggling reading your post. Your doing great, keep it up.

Kim from Milwaukee said...

Great idea making liners from shower curtain material!

I commend you for making your shopping trip work, even though you hadn't gotten your baskets yet. That was quite a load in the pack!