Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 66 Healthy Food Choices when Eating Out

Tonight I am going out to dinner at Fresh, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant with several locations here in Toronto. I've never been, but Vanessa went there often in her book, and I'm always up for a new restaurant.

It used to be that I could stick to a healthy eating plan when eating at home, and then when I went out, all of my good work would go out the window and sometimes I'd gain as much as 3lbs at one dinner (spaghetti). Not any more. From now on, my dining out choices will be healthy. Not necessarily vegetarian or vegan, but I will order the healthiest thing on the menu, and question the waiter thoroughly as to how it was prepared. Going out to eat shouldn't be a free for all, and heavens knows that in most cases, I can cook better food at home than what they are serving at the places I end up eating. Quality over quantity.


Robj98168 said...

Not hard to do if you A) ask questions, which you already know what to ask and B) prepare yourself for possible dissapointments- but there are possiblityies of great eating as well. The Coffee Shop I frequent sells Vegan Brownies and muffins that I am just crazy over. So it ain't all bad!

Kim from Milwaukee said...

Excellent decision, LGP! I have found that if I'm eating healthy, I can actually eat MORE, since veggies are usually considered 'free' on most diets, as in you can eat as much as you want of them (assuming they're not covered in butter!). So eating healthy can be quite satisfying in the long run!