Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 57 and 58 Human power and traveling with purpose

Yesterday, I bit the bullet and bought a bicycle. Yes, this is the one. It's a Trek hybrid, and I bought it because it is comfortable and pretty. Not only does it match the Harley, but it matches the living room, which is where it currently sits. I know nothing about bicycles, but people tell me I got a good one. Yippee. I feel as though I have adopted an expensive pet and have no idea how to care for it. It's so pretty and clean...I'm terrified of it getting banged up or stolen (yes, I bought a lock). It really was an impulsive purchase. I went to the store, planning only to look, and then fell in love with this one, which happened to be the only one left, in a very small frame, and it was on sale. *sigh* Forgive me Crunchy, for I have spent.

I haven't ridden the bike yet, because I've forced myself to clean the house and do other productive and necessary tasks (such as job hunting) before tooling around on the new toy. Yes, job hunting. I'm currently looking for work in the security field, as that would look good on my resume when/if it comes time for the police to look at it.

Patricia is ecstatic that I own a bike. An avid biker, she easily bikes 30k a day and thinks nothing of it. Now she says I can eat whatever I like, because peddling around will burn it off. Yeah.

Now that I am traveling about under my own power, there will be no more joy-riding - car, motorcycle, or otherwise. I cannot justify a motorized vehicle if have a bicycle, and since I have to get my heart rate up it is. Although, if laziness takes over, this is a way to become a shut-in.

I gotta say, some of these green changes are really hard to remember. Like using goodsearch. Typing is almost instinctive. And goodsearch is slow and lacking in the thoroughness we have come to expect from the mighty google.

And these stairs! They are killing me! Crap, I made it half way and then it was a stagger the rest of the way. I know, journey of a thousand miles and all that stuff, but this penguin lacks patience.

I'm going to have to carefully analyze how much paper I produce, and how much paper is coming into the house, because with my use every inch of paper rule, I have a pile of scrap paper. Huge, I tell you. And curse you, LL Bean, for making it worse with your thick catalog.

I am pleased to report, however, that tomorrow is Toronto's first environmental day of the fall, and I will be attending and recycling my scant amount of polystyrene, my wine corks and one halogen light bulb.


Crunchy Chicken said...

Too funny. I test drove that exact bike last summer. I never ended up buying it since I figured there was low chance of me riding it anytime soon. And I need to sell my old Klein racing bike first before I can justify buying a new one.

Have fun with it!

DiElla said...

I have a bike and I love it. I ride to work, the farmers market, run errands and just for fun. I have to tell you though that I never lose weight just riding i also have to watch what goes into my mouth. Sigh!

Aydan said...

I'm thinking of getting a bike for going from campus to work. A used unattractive-to-thieves one, though, not a shiny new pretty one like you have. :) I used to bike ~25 miles in a trip, but that was a long time ago.

Little Green Penguin said...

I gotta say, I am worried about this thing getting hurt or stolen. Bike thievery is big in Toronto. I have one lock for it, and I'm going to get a second. But I did take it for a ride yesterday, and it is quite lovely.

Crunchy Chicken said...

Just hang some used cloth wipes or something from it when not in use. That should deter the criminals.

Aydan said...

What kind of lock do you have for it? Campus security always recommends using U-bolts instead of chain locks (which can be cut, though I've also heard U-bolts can be picked), and having one for the front tire and frame and maybe another for the back.

Chile said...

Congratulations on your new bike. Someone mentioned the U-shaped locks can be picked. Kryptonite, one of the makers of that style, changed them several years ago to deal with that problem. Just get one with a normal-looking key instead of the round ones if you're still concerned. They also make a heavy duty lock called the "New Yorker" which I bought when I thought I was going to be working nights in a dicy area. One advantage of a cable bike lock (thick enough to avoid all but the most sturdy of bolt cutters) is you can thread it through the front wheel, frame, and whatever you're locking to. If wheel theft is an issue, you can also just remove your front wheel and lock it together with the rear wheel (which is much harder to remove in a hurry).

Good luck, enjoy your riding, and get ready for sexy muscular thighs! Don't forget to stretch.