Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 61 13.2k and 29 pounds of vegan goodness

What have I done today? Not much. It took two hours to complete the above mentioned distance by bicycle, with the trip home encumbered by the above mentioned weight on my back. I have to keep telling myself that I am proud of myself, this is a good thing, and I combined getting food with getting a workout, and I didn't hurt the planet in the process. I also need to remind myself of the beauty of slowing down. All of this sounds great, until I look at my to-do list and feel my blood pressure spike again.

Tomorrow begins the 5 Day Vegan Challenge, followed up with a Green Smoothie cleanse. Oh crap, I need to get a blender.

I'd also like to state that no, I am not hauling a bike up 14 flights of stairs. When I am going out or coming home with my bike, I take the elevator. That's my reward for getting off my butt.

I think today's important change is to remember to breathe, take time to enjoy the process and changes that I am going through, and while I can't see the results yet, I know they are there because I can take pride in the aching muscles and the kitchen covered in vegetables. I know that I am doing good things for my body, and I am a lot happier when I've had a workout than when I've sat at my desk all day.

Less is more.

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