Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 65 Inspire others to Consider the Planet

A friend of mine is in a military band. Recently, this band, along with a few other military bands, (some from out of town) got together and performed a massed concert at an outdoor soccer stadium. A few days before the concert, the weather was sunny and hot, and cases of bottled water were brought in to make sure that everyone stayed hydrated.

At the end of the rehearsal one night, it was noticed that a few cases of water were missing. It was discovered that the out of town bands had taken some of the cases back to their hotel rooms, to avoid paying for bottled hotel water.

This was unacceptable, as this water was supposed to be for everyone. At a follow-up meeting, suggestions were asked for as how to avoid this issue at next year's concert. My friend spoke up and suggested that instead of bottled water, the military should use large water tanks with spouts, and encourage the musicians to bring their own thermoses to fill from the tank. This would save money, as the military already owned said tanks, and there would be no waste.

I'm SO proud!


Kim from Milwaukee said...

Excellent idea! I'm trying to do that with a convention my company is hosting....NO BOTTLED WATER!!! BYOB (bring your own bottles) and we'll serve pictures of water to refill your bottle/cup.

Thanks for sharing this, LGP!

ladyhawthorne said...

Yeah! What a no brainer!

Robj98168 said...

Sometimes the ansers are infront of out faces! LOL. I am lnown for bringing my 7 gallon jug filled with ice water to events with a lot of people- keep the folks hydrated!

Irma said...

I plan conventions for a living, and it a growing trend to forgoe bottled water, and just go with tap water, or give each delegate a reuseable bottle and provide re-filling stations.

And really, where the hell did the whole bottled water market COME FROM? I sort of understand it in a city like Toronto, where tap water has a distinctive weird taste, but in my city? Water is almost perfect, I drink nothing but tap water every day.

Slays me to see my co-workers buying MORE bottles of water every single day....and I especially love the ones who say, "oh God, I could never refill my bottle in the BATHROOM!"

Uhh, yeah...because the water from the bathroom sink is clearly tainted, whereas the water from a kitchen sink is TOTALLY different and has been sanitized by unicorns??