Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 41, 42 and 43 Natural Toothpaste, Recycling Corks, and Eco-Friendly Drycleaning

I'm going away tomorrow, and won't be posting again until Friday, so I've racked up the changes ahead of time so that I am not behind later.

Sometime over the next few days, I'll begin using eco-friendly toothpaste. Not only that, but my new toothpaste is made in Ontario! Green Beaver Company is located in Hawkesbury, ON, which is a small town on the border of Ontario and Quebec. I know this, because I've been there. They have a Harley-Davidson dealership that I have visited, and I was almost hit by a train in that town (in the process of getting to the dealership). I bought the Frosty Mint flavoured paste, and I'm quite excited to be supporting a Canadian company while keeping my teeth clean.

In hygiene related news, Tom's of Maine deodorant is not cutting it, and I'm not impressed. Am I really so foul that none of these natural products will cut it? A few more days of stinking, and I'll give the baking soda idea a try. Actually, it's not even so much the smell that's getting to me - it's the wetness. And now that you know far too much about my pits, I'll move on.

I love wine. I love drinking it, studying it, tasting it and buying it. My wine rack holds 28 bottles, and it is full. I restock it every month. Sadly, unless I have a party, I just don't consume that much wine. An average bottle holds four glasses. I get tipsy on one glass. My boyfriend doesn't drink, and I don't drink every day. Maybe twice a week at best. Still though, I'm going to start recycling my corks, rather than tossing them. This was the program I was going to use to recycle my corks. Cripe. Ok, I'm going to call the City of Toronto tomorrow to see what can be done about my corks, both natural and synthetic. I will not make a cork wreath.

Last week, after my cat committed yet another unspeakable act, I found myself in need of drycleaning services. Imagine my delight that the drycleaner, which is within walking distance of my condo, is an eco-friendly facility and uses solvents that are good for the planet. Yay! My boyfriend was nervous, as this is the same drycleaner that once shrank his tuxedo pants (and he didn't discover it until dressing for formal night on the cruise ship in Alaska). But everybody makes mistakes, right? It has been a week, however, and I am curious as to the state of my items.


Allie said...

Maybe you could make cork trivets and things like that to use around the house, give as gifts and sell on etsy?

Olivia said...

I have been using the "1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup cornstarch, enough coconut oil to make into a thick paste plus few drops of essential oil (tea tree + something that smells nice)"formula as a deodorant now and am amazed by the effectiveness. However - it doesn't stop the wetness but I do not sweat much . . .