Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 35 Switch to electronic billing

This one makes perfect sense to me. Less paper, overall mail weighs less thus using less gas to transport, and it's one less thing that I have to file. Now, I only get two bills in the mail. One is my credit card bill, and the other is a paper statement of my motorcycle payment, which gets paid directly from my checking account. I really don't need either of these things in my life, and electronic statements would be just fine.

Not going to happen. My bank (CIBC) and Harley-Davidson Financial Services do not have paperless options. I called. I cajoled. I explained that they would save money (companies love saving money, right?) and to no avail.


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Gavin said...

Makes perfect sense to me as well. Our bank just started promoting electronic statements, and I know that it is saving them so much money. They even give you a $25 gift voucher for swapping over, and even deducting the cost of the voucher they are still saving millions of dollars each year. I know, because I work for them!