Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 31 and 32 - Planting an herb garden and adopting the Diva Cup

One was certainly easier than the other, both were incredibly messy, both will save me money, but only one produces tasty results.

The herb garden has been something I've dreamed of for years, and it is only this year that I have really had the time to tend a garden of any sort. Problem was, it is mid-August and no garden centres are stocking herb plants, or even seeds. I didn't know what to do, until I casually mentioned my dilemma to a kindly old lady over flats of organic raspberries (4 half pints for $5!) and she mentioned a garden centre that would be sure to have some plants, as well as seeds, and it was nearby to boot. Score!

Sure enough, I was soon the proud owner of a large window box, a heavy (and wet) sack of beautiful black soil, and 8 kind of herbs - peppermint, lavender, oregano, chives, basil, parsley, mint and rosemary, which came in it's own pot and looks like quite the hearty shrub. Digging in the dirt gives me such pleasure, and I am happy when I'm surrounded by green and growing things. This herb garden makes me smile every time I look at it.

My beef with buying grocery store herbs is that they are too expensive, and I often end up throwing most of them out, after using what my recipe called for. Sure, $2 for a giant bunch of cilantro is a good deal, but what am I going to do with it all? This way, I can just trot on over to my window box and snip what I need. Brilliant, I tell you.

The Diva Cup. *Sigh* I knew this day was coming. I was hoping for my usual early warning system of cramps to let me know when I should be making this purchase. Not so. Ever since I got off the pill in June, my body has had a mind of it's own (not to mention the less than flattering skin quality that I'm now living with). Last night, my monthly gift showed up with no warning and at full force. Lovely. I had one tampon left, and that was supposed to tide me until I could make it to the store. Nope. It was in quiet desperation I snatched the device from the check-out belt, even before my boyfriend had paid for it, and made a bee-line for the grocery store bathroom. Once inside, I hurriedly read the instructions once more (I was quite familiar already, having studied and agonized over this product online) and went to make the first attempt. Suddenly, a little boy knocked on the bathroom door and and "hello?" I froze and said nothing. The I hear "Mom, the bathroom door is locked and I really gotta go!" Oh shit. Meanwhile, this cup is NOT going in. I cram myself full of toilet paper, wash up and rush out of the bathroom, apologizing to the little boy and his mother and hoping he makes it in time.

Crisis averted, we went to visit my friend, who works as a dog trainer at a local pet store. She was in the middle of a puppy class, so we strolled the store, cooed over the kittens, and finally got a chance to talk to her.

"I bought the Diva Cup today," I said.
"And how do you feel about that?" This is her favorite question in the world. I hear it at least once a day when I'm with her. She should have been a shrink.
"Well, I didn't get it in on the first try, but I'm going to try again when I get home." I said.
"I hope it works better for you than that natural deodorant you've been using."


Once home, the struggle continued. You'd think I was trying to kill something in the bathroom, for the mess it made, but I have to say, I was victorious, and aside from feeling slightly bloated, I'm ok. We'll see what happpens tonight when it comes time to take it out.

Mother Earth, I love you. Oh yes, I do.


Toria said...

Hope it goes well for you. You might want to consider buying a couple of cloth pads as well, in case of overflow.

It took me a few months to finally be comfortable with putting in my cup (different brand, not a diva), and I did get a few leaks at first. This isn't meant to put you off, it's meant as a warning that it might take you a bit of time to get accustomed to it.

Crunchy Chicken said...

I think absolutely *everyone* struggles for a cycle or two (or three) until you figure out how to work it right. But, definitely, try the punch down fold method - it makes it soooo much easier to insert than the "regular" fold.

Q said...

Try a bunch of different folds, I really like using an "agressive" Seven fold. It works really well for me. And the Cup is so much cleaner once you get it all figured out.(Actually I found it cleaner right off the get go.)

Evelyn in Canada said...

I love the Diva. I've been using it for a year now and for some unexplained reason my flow is less and so are my cramps. I sewed myself a few cloth pads out of a few layers of flannel and those are great too. They are more comfortable than purchased plastic-y pads and stay in place just by virtue of flannel's fluffiness. I use the two together, although I must say that there are almost no leaks at all.

A. Moore said...

Going to your deodorant issue, I just switched to Tom's of Maine deodorant in apricot. I've been having fairly good luck with it so far, especially considering that it's been over 90F for the last two weeks here.

LynnieBee said...

I know I really should make the switch to the Diva Cup or something similar, but frankly, I'm scared to abandon the tried and true tampons and pads, even though I know they are wasteful...I'll watch and see how it goes for you, and then hopefully I will gather the courage for myself! Best of Luck!

Little Green Penguin said...

I just switched to Tom's of Maine Apricot deodorant today. We'll see how funky I am by the end of the day. And really, I'm loving my Diva Cup. Why don't more women know about this thing?