Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 22 and 23 - It's all about the hair

Ever since I got back from vacation late Tuesday night, I've been crazy busy, and while I haven't kept up on the blogging, I have kept up with making a new change every day. So here is my update.

Yesterday I switched to organic shampoo and conditioner, and today I'm switching to natural deodorant. Using a new product usually gets me excited - perhaps there is something better out there that I have yet to discover, and perhaps this product will change my life in some way. These past two changes, however, were approached with trepidation. Allow me to explain.

I have had a long and troubled history with the hair on my head. My hair, presently, is roughly longer than my shoulders, a fairly bright red, and naturally curly and prone to frizz and odd kinks. I have never dyed my hair, or permed it. Over the course of my life, it has gone through some awful hairstyles, has fallen out twice due to extreme dieting, and while it and my scalp are very healthy, I have bad hair days more often than not. Couple all of this with the fact that I wear a motorcycle helmet, sometimes for long hours, and if not secured properly, my hair flaps in the wind and gets mighty tangled. All I've ever wanted from my hair was to be somewhat curly, not frizzy and about mid-back in length. So I approached this change with mixed feelings - would I miss my old products (Infusium 23)? Would these new products be better for my hair as well as the environment?

The gal at Big Carrot assured me that these new hair cleansers were good for the environment (I bought the apricot scented products from the JASON line), but they were also good "transition" products. Transition? As in, I need to adjust? Like learning to live with bad hair all the time type of adjustment? I'll let you know how these new products work out. They do smell nice... The girl also mentioned that some people have luck with their hair growing faster if they ingest liquid silica, which they also sell. "Silica? As in the granular stuff they put in your new shoes?" She didn't know. I know that I tried to use those granules to dry flowers in the microwave and it didnt' work out. But I digress.

While I was there, I also picked up some natural deoderant, which the helpful girl led me too, saying that it was a best seller and everyone at the store used it. Dr. Mist, of the roll-on variety, in case you are wondering. The girl looked at me pointedly and asked if I had ever used natural deoderant before. "Um, no." I said. What was different? She then went on the explain that conventional deoderants clog your pores, which keep sweat from coming out. Apparently, natural deoderants work with my body chemistry to prevent odor, and that there would be a transition (there's that word again) period until my body got used to having open pores, and that I might find that my natural "smell" changes over the course of usage, so much so that conventional deoderants will no longer work, should I go back.

Smelly hippy land, here I come. You'll know me by my aroma, the bad hair and lack of nail polish. Mother Earth, I hope you like this.


Crunchy Chicken said...

Oh dear. I hate to say it but the girl who works at Ye Olde Big Carrote is full o' shit.

Most commercial shampoos and conditioners use silicones to keep your hair looking nice. It's something that, when applied topically, keeps the hair's cuticle from looking rough. Ingesting anything besides healthy food isn't going to do much for your hair - I think ingesting the silica supplements for hair growth is relatively useless since there are issues of absorption and, potentially, issues of its safety.

Finally, it's anti-perspirant which more or less closes off your sweat glands to prevent sweat from reaching the surface. There's no transition to having open pores regardless of what you use, or at least, one that should be noticeable. So, if you were using an anti-perspirant before, you'll just notice that you'll sweat more. But, if you were already using just a deodorant (commercial or not), the only difference is in how the deodorant controls odors.

I've had success with the Crystal, but will occasionally switch over to commercial anti-perspirant for those times when I don't feel like sweating like a hog.

Eco Yogini said...

hehe- oh smelly hippy land. I've tried several natural deodorants and haven't liked one... but then there was a "smell"- perhaps that was my transition smell??? lol. It's something I want to continue trying to adjust too- breast cancer is just not my thing.
I'm curious about the shampoo- also tried a whole slew of those and haven't been happy with any as of yet... but i haven't tried Jason- so keep us updated please :)

mudnessa said...

I have similar hair and was using Jason products for a bit. They were ok but my hair was still beyond frizzy. I then switched to no poo. I use a tsp of baking soda in about 8 oz of water as a wash and then a splash of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of water, with a few drops of rosemary essential oil, as a rinse. I also use coconut oil as a leave in conditioner. My hair has never been better. I did have quite a hard transition to it but only with my scalp, my hair has been amazing since day one.

The ingredient in shampoos that make it lather can also make hair frizz A LOT. Even when you go with organic/natural shampoos the natural alternatives they use aren't much better. That's what I found at least. If you are interested I have ALL the dirty details on my blog,

I also use baking soda as a deodorant sometimes, when I'm not using the crystal for a variety of reasons. Just dab some on and I'm good to go. I've never been too smelly of a person though.

fem pen said...

I second going the no 'poo route...I've been doing it since May and LOVE it. I also use plain old baking soda as deodorant. And while there is a transition period to going no 'poo, there was none for the deodorant. I wrote about the hair stuff & deodorant on my blog if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

no advice on the shampoo as my hair is nearly the opposite of yours, but I do seem to recall a slight transition period when i went from regular aluminum deodorant to natural years ago. i am a big fan of Toms of Maine. no smelliness now, but if it's a hot day you may need to reapply.

Q said...

If you want deodorant with almost no packaging you should try a deodorant rock

I've used one for probably 7 years now. I switched because I used to have terrible BO, and always had stains under my armpits, but I haven't had those problems since I switched.

I'd also give the Baking Soda hair wash a try. I have "Wavy(Frizzy)" hair and it's not nearly as bad this way.

Kay's Spot said...

Well, I'm with you Penguin, on the hair/shampoo front. it is frustrating! I'm trying to switch to a more "natural" shampoo and have been slowly trying out my new rutine before I make a long term committment! I'm beginning to think that the hair styles of long ago were designed "that way" because that is all they could get their hair to do for them. And modern chemistry has allowed our clean, shiny, fancy, fluffy dos.

Currently I have more of a Don't than a Do. Or simply a wierd ponytail, which often looks better than when I wear it down.

Sigh - its hard making the beauty sacrifice!

Billie said...

For 9 months of the year I use a crystal rock. For the other 3 months I go back to an antiperspirant so I don't have big wet spots on all my shirts. That doesn't look too classy at work.

I haven't had any problems switching back and forth.

Little Green Penguin said...

Ok, I'm curious as to how the no poo will work on my head. I'll give it a try before I start using the Jason products (I'm on of those people who buys replacement products before the old ones run out so I'm not left hanging.) I'm 28 years old, and yesterday discovered an alarming number of white (not silver or grey, but WHITE) hairs on my head. I started pulling them out, but soon felt overwhelmed. How do y'all feel about henna as a natural hair dye?

Anonymous said...

I haven't used commercial shampoo in about 40 days, and I am weaning off of all shampoo (including baking soda, which I did for the first week). I have read that once we go 14 days without any shampoo, our hair oils will sort themselves out. So, I am not on day 10 with nothing at all except a daily rinsing. I am planning to wash it tomorrow with the eco-friendly stuff and then next time I will go to the full 14 days and see what happens.

As for the deodorant, I found that I smelled more, but I didn't realize there was a fazing-in period. Also, my husband had a huge reaction to a hemp-based reaction and we don't know why - his whole upper body felt like it was on fire.

Anyway, I've written about all this in my daily challenges on my blog, if you're interested.

Mary Q Contrarie said...

Zink is the ingrediant that keeps you from perspiring. However if you really want to make a change for the green then simply get your self a clothes drying rack or clothes line. You will drop 6-8% of your energy usage.