Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 6 - Learn how to check the tire pressure on my Harley

This one will make my boyfriend proud. He's been after me for ages, and rightly so, that I learn some basic motorcycle maintenance and repair skills. Last week I took the bike to the local dealership, bought and replaced my own burnt out turn signal there in the parking lot with tools I had brought. And although it was not a big job by any means (unscrew 2 screws, take out old bulb, put in new, replace screws), I got the admiration of the dealership guys ("There's a girl with a Road King doing her own maintenance in our lot!) and I had a glow of pride that yes, I did that myself and didn't need any help and maybe, just maybe, some light motorcycle maintenance would be fun to learn.

I've heard that keeping your tires at the proper pressure promotes proper tire wire and lifespan, and is more fuel friendly (floppy tires take more power to move than nice, firm tires). I know how to check the tire pressure on cars, and in the two cars I've owned I've always carried a tire pressure gauge for such things. When I got my first car, my father assembled a "basics" kit of sorts and taught me how to use it to keep my car happy. I even used to do my own oil changes. I don't need to check the tire pressure on the Buick because this fancy-poo car does it for you and gives you an electronic read-out in the car as to how your tires are doing.

So why have I never tinkered with the Harley before now? A few reasons. One, if I make a false move and the bike tips over, I can't pick it back up, and I've probably damaged something expensive in the process. Two, Harleys get insanely hot while they are running. My boyfriend has scars on his hands and arms where he has been burnt by hot pipes and parts. Harleys also take a long time to cool down after they've been running, but some of the things you need to do to them, such as checking the proper oil level, needs to be done while the bike is hot. And lastly, I live with a guy who sincerely loves motorcycle maintenance and is more than happy to do it for me.

Time to be more independent and responsible. Tonight, we learn tire pressure taking.

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Robj98168 said...

Good one that. You will be surprised how much more gas milage properly inflated tires gives you!